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Pay homage to the legendary activist for Women and Black people's right with your Angela Davis T-shirts and Hoodies!

For those who have the heart and the strength of the great Angela Davis

Angela Davis was born in 1944 in Birmingham, Alabama, in a neighborhood which became famous in the 1950s because it was bombed to intimidate Black residents who moved here and to force them to leave. Being exposed directly to oppression, racism and hatred since her youngest age, she went to a segregated school. In the meantime, she was influenced by her mother, Sallye Bell Davis, a communist activist who was trying to unite Black people of the southern United States through the Southern Negro Youth Congress organization. Angela started to protest against segregation as a kid when she joined the Girl Scouts of the USA. She was then selected to join an integrated high school in Greenwich Village (in Manhattan) and that’s where she joined Advance, a communist organization. 

As a University student, she was studing and working part-time to attend the World Festival of Youth and Students in Helsinki, a communist event. When she went back in the USA in 1963, the FBI already had an eye on her due to her political sympathies. She then moved to France to study there, while the Birmingham church happened. Members of the Ku Klux Klan bombed a baptist church and killed four Black girls. Angela knew the victims of the terrorist attack personally and it touched her deeply. When she went back from East Germany, she started to be willing to get involved directly in the fights of Black Americans. 

Angela Davis started to attend conferences about Black Americans liberation and fight for freedom, but the ideas of Stokely Carmichael didn’t stick with her due to his rejection of Communism. After becoming assistant professor at UCLA, she became a member of the Black Panther Party. 

In conclusion, Angela Davis is a legendary political activist who fought for years for Women’s and Black people’s rights. She had a fearless heart and soul and her fight against injustice led her to be wanted by the FBI for being a “terrorist” and being wrongfully incarcerated before being cleared of all charges in 1972. She is a symbol of the strong Black Woman who fights for her rights. Even her famous Afro hairstyle became a symbol for the fight for Black Women rights! Keep her legend as strong as ever with the best Angela Davis T-shirts and hoodies!


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