Black Power and Black Pride T-shirts & Hoodies

The most powerful Black Power and Black Pride T-shirts and Hoodies!

For those who are ready to take the Black Power fight to the next level and are not afraid to show it!

The Black Power movement is about taking back what’s ours, fighting against the oppression and helping the lives of people of our community. Through the suffering and fighting, we only rise in strength and power. Black Pride is about being proud of our history and identity, this pride which has been stepped on so many times by the oppressors. Whether we are African American, Caribbean, African or Black from anywhere in the World, we retake what’s ours, we choose who we are and who we want to be and no one can stop us! 

There are many very good reasons to wear Black Power and Black Pride T-shirts and hoodies, and here are a few: 

  • Join the fight actively. The time when we underwent all abuses in silence is long gone. It’s also important to show the rest of our community and our enemies that we will never give up the fight for our rights and freedom. For too long, all kinds of racists and white supremacists saw us as easy targets they could lynch and oppress without fearing any consequences. They have to understand that this is over, and that’s it’s their turn to feel fear in their hearts. Tell them that you won’t forget what they did and that they will pay for their heinous crimes, while the Black community takes what it rightly deserves!
  • Educate the community. As the great activist Frederick Douglass said “Knowledge makes a man unfit to be a slave”. While we are not technically enslaved as our ancestors were, we are in another way. Due to a lower access to education, we are relegated to the lowest layers of the population, being the easy victims in every cases, targeted by a police and justice system which doesn’t want to see us rise in power. Our children are not taught the beauty and importance of Black History and Black movements all over the ages. While they have a huge potential, they lose confidence due to the absence of teaching about inspiring Black role models that would make them realize what they can accomplish. By wearing Black Power t-shirts, you also educate everyone around you and push them toward excellence!

  • Support the Black community's economic power. The main reason why our Black communities all around the world are oppressed is because we don't own enough economic power to act as a counter-power. Millions of us live in poverty, suffering from deficient healthcare while our kids are relegated to low-quality schools that will perpetuate the exact same model with them. Some of us have to resort to crime to survive, which poisons our communities with the circulations of drugs or the pimping of our sisters. The only way we can go out of this vicious circle is buy keeping the money between us, supporting each other businesses and projects, and then use our profits to benefit our brothers, sisters and kids. 

  • Use our own medias and means of communication. As legendary Jamaican activist Marcus Garvey understood long ago, the only way we can have access to untampered information and to focus on our history is by having our own medias. We can’t except another community to shed light on the successes of sisters and brothers or to focus on our Black history of greatness and bravery. Wearing an inspiring black pride t-shirt, you become the relay of knowledge and help our community access our own independent means of information! 

Whatever aspects of the Black Power and Black Pride movements mean the most to you, support a black-owned business and carry the powerful messages of Malcolm X and Huey P. Newton with the best Black Power and Black Pride t-shirts and hoodies while our community rises!


What is Black Power Clothing?

Black Power Clothing is the number one Black Power and Black American clothing brand and we have been fighting against the oppression since our creation in 2014!

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What materials are the hoodies and t-shirts made of?

They all are 100% cotton as it is the perfect fabric to print beautiful graphics, and it makes them as soft and comfortable as possible.

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