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For those who believe that you don't deserve freedom if you're not ready to fight for it

The life of Malcolm X, born Malcolm Little and named El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz after his pilgrimage to Mecca, turned him into one of the most influential figures of the fights for Black people rights all over the world. His aggressive positions and unconditional bravery made him a lot of enemies, but also a lot of supports all over the world. At the end of his life, he decided to leave Nation of Islam due to divergence of vision with its leader Elijah Muhammad, as many think it’s what caused his assassination. However, his legacy won’t be forgotten for the centuries to come! 

If you’re not ready to fight for freedom, then you don’t deserve it. One of the important aspects in the way Malcolm X handles his activism for Black Americans rights is the focus on the importance of readiness to fight and defend yourself. He deeply believed that time for submission is over and won’t help African Americans make progress in their rightful demands, and that they all should be ready to fight in case someone wants to attack their fundamental rights. These ideas pushed a lot of people to try to discredit him, calling him an extremist and a Black supremacist, but the successes Malcolm X brought for the cause overshadowed those false accusations. 

A hard life didn’t stop him from becoming an influential figure. The life of Malcolm Little wasn’t easy and he didn’t become a legendary political activist overnight. First, he hated a part of his own identity, as his white great-grandfather raped his slave great-grandmother, he despised every drop of his white ancestor’s blood running in his vein. His self-hatred pushed him to crime, and he was sent to jail at an early age. It’s in jail that he finally found some peace by studying and converting to Islam, and there that he decided to dedicate his life to fighting for his people’s rights. We should all take example of that, never succumb to self-hatred and always carry on fighting whatever happens. 

Only 39 years to become a legend. As influential as he was, Malcolm X had a lot of enemies, towards the oppressors but also towards his own supposed allies. While the minister always refused to live in fear despite the numerous death threats he received every day, his enemies managed to end his life early. However, Malcolm X made the best he could during the 39 years he was alive to further the cause we are still fighting for nowadays. This proves us that we should always take advantage of the present to help our sisters and brothers and we don’t know what will happen tomorrow. 

The legendary legacy of the great minister and activist Malcolm X will never be forgotten as long as people like us are around and pass on his message and ideas! Pay homage to his legend with the best Malcolm X t-shirts and hoodies! 


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