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The most powerful African, Afrocentric and Pan-African T-shirts and Hoodies!

For those who want to celebrate Africa, the continent where we come from and its amazing beauty, diversity and history

Celebrate your roots. All Black people’s ancestors come from Africa one way or the other. Whether our ancestors have been sold as slaves to the West, have immigrated to another country or are buried in the Motherland, our roots are on the same continent. We must celebrate our origins, even if they can be hard to trace precisely for some of us. Our children and all of our brothers and sisters must be reminded that they should be proud of their origins, as it's their roots that gave them their beautiful Black skin and hair. We come from the most beautiful continent on Earth and we are proud of it! 

Preach for African unity. The best way for Africa to become a power that is listened to and stopped being used and abused by the former colonial powers is by uniting. Pan-africanism is about the idea of unity between African people, countries and ethnicities to fight together for our recognition. A more united Africa is a more powerful one, and together we are stronger and we can fight for the rights and well-being of Black people all over the World. Reaching Africa unity will be tough due to the diversity of our continent, but every step toward it is a step in the right direction!

Recognize African history. The history is too often belittled or completely ignored by Western countries and school. The greatness of African civilizations like the rich and progressive Mali or the Ethiopian Empire, the Ashantis or the Songhaï kings is unknown to most people! We can also speak about the more recent history, how each country found some charismatic leaders to fight for their independence and overthrow the colonial powers. Sub-Saharian Africa have thousands of years of History which are almost completely ignored by History books and corrupt historians and it is unfair. Let us recognize and put some light on the History of our continent ourselves in response!

Enjoy Africa’s diversity. Many ignorant people tend to think that Africa is just one big country with one monolithic culture, in a landscape scattered with lions and giraffes... However, with 54 countries and hundreds of ethnicities and languages, Africa is actually the most diverse continent in terms of culture in the entire world. From the famous Yoruba, Peul and Zulu tribes, to the Maasai, Samburu or Himba, those hundreds of tribes have developed a unique culture and traditions for hundreds of years. Educate other people to Africa's diversity and keep on growing your personal knowledge to fight for the cause!


Whether you want to celebrate Africa for its immense cultural diversity or amazing history, you want Black people to unite all over the World or you want to get closer to your beautiful origins, there are only good reasons to shed light on your relationship to the Motherland. Wear our African, Afrocentric and Pan-African t-shirts and hoodies and let us get stronger together! 


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