Olympic Rebellion 1968 T-Shirt

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Raise your fist with your Olympic Rebellion T-shirt!

Tommie Smith and John Carlos, track and field athletes and activists

Who can forget the moment when 50,000 people were stunned into pin-drop silence at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics? Tommie Smith and John Carlos openly presented a front that spoke volumes about defiance and resistance, and is said to be one of the most powerful political gestures in the history of the Olympics. They stood on the podium with medals around their necks and kept a black-gloved fist raised throughout the American National anthem – this silent statement came to be known as the Black Power Salute.

This t-shirt perfectly captures the moment, and you can practically feel the determination exuding from it, which isn’t surprising since Carlos is a huge fan and supporter of Malcolm X!

Wear the best Olympic Rebellion T-shirt to carry their legacy!


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