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Show your love for the past and present black heroes that fought relentlessly for the freedom of black from slavery, oppression and exploitation.

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During the American Revolution, thousands of black Americans jumped into the war on both sides of the conflict. But unlike their white counterparts, they weren’t just fighting for independence—or to maintain British control. In a time when the vast majority of African Americans lived in bondage—their forced labor fueling the economy of the fledgling nation—most took up arms hoping to be freed from the literal shackles of chattel slavery. In fact, when enslaved people had a choice in the matter, according to historian Edward Ayres of the American Revolution Museum in Yorktown, Virginia, they signed on with whichever side seemed most likely to grant them personal freedom.

For some slaves-turned-soldiers, the Revolution’s promise of liberty became a reality. But despite the patriots’ lofty rhetoric about liberty and justice for all, America’s war for independence didn’t herald widespread emancipation for enslaved people of color. America’s northern states didn’t pass laws to abolish slavery until 1804—and even then, some areas phased it out slowly. Southern states would cling to the brutal practice for more than a half-century longer. 

The effects of Jim Crow laws are one of the many reasons why the Civil Rights Movement occurred and why we celebrate African American identity through Black History Month. It is important to recognize black leaders and their pursuits of justice — especially the lesser-known efforts of black heroes and heroines.

There are many reasons why certain black role models and histories are more popular than others. For example, Martin Luther King, Jr., is more widely known than Malcolm X because King’s identity fits within the American status quo. King was a Christian, advocated for nonviolence, and was well-educated; however, Malcolm X was a Muslim, advocated for aggressive measures, and was educated while in prison. While both leaders were popular in their times, King rose to prominence because of his ideology and background.

During the Montgomery Bus Boycott that King came to lead, the African American community recognized that it was pragmatic and effective to have leaders that fit certain perceived criteria of the larger American culture. This demonstrates how heroes are evaluated, measured, and embraced by the majority culture.

The fight for racial equality in America was not an easy road. Throughout the decades, exceptional African Americans stepped up to organize a movement that transformed the face of America and promoted equal rights for all people. Black leaders of today continue the work of those who paved the way with their lives.

  • Martin Luther King, Jr. A man of unshakable faith, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. tirelessly fought to secure racial equality of all people. He led the Montgomery Bus Boycott, which helped to ignite the Civil Rights Movement.
  • Medgar Evers: Medgar Evers served as the first NAACP state field representative in the state of Mississippi. In his position, he stood in the face of violence and opposition to organize voter registration drives.
  • Rosa Parks:  Even before taking her famous seat on the bus, Rosa Parks was actively involved in the Civil Rights Movement. She worked beside her husband to organize meetings and raise funds for the NAACP. On December 1, 1955, she took a seat in the front.
  • Asa Philip Randolph was a pioneer for the rights of working blacks. 
  • Frederick Douglass: This former slave is known as one of the most influential African American leaders of the 19th Century. Known for his powerful oration skills, Douglass became an outspoken abolitionist and wrote about his experiences as a slave in an autobiography. He also toured the Northeast and Midwest speaking out against slavery.
  • Maya Angelou: Always the picture of strength and faith, Maya Angelou used her prose gift to create a change in people’s hearts. As a child, a period of abuse and molestation took her voice, but she overcame her adversity to become one of the most famous and influential voices of all time. She also worked with other activists on the Civil Rights Movement's front lines, participating in demonstrations and marches.

Many other Black heroes fought for the place of Blacks in modern American society. But were they born with heroism? Definitely not. Every Black person is a hero, and we all need to stand up to save ourselves and our future to make the world a better place for our little ones.


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