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August 28 holds significant meaning for many African Americans. This year, it marked the 65th anniversary of the murder of Emmett Till, the 14-year-old Black boy who was lynched by two white men near Money, Mississippi. Till’s death served as one of the catalysts for the civil right movement, and organizers of the 1963 March on Washington—one of the largest mass demonstrations of the 20th century—selected this date for their gathering. 

This year was also the 57th anniversary of that march. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the National Action Network organized thousands of people wearing masks to fill the Mall last Friday and commemorate the march’s legacy—and assert a new commitment to fighting injustice. It is not a coincidence that the Movement for Black Lives—a consortium of more than 50 Black-led organizations, including the Black Lives Matter Global Network—also hosted its virtual Black National Convention that Friday evening, where it unveiled its multipronged political agenda on matters of police brutality and beyond.

The momentum for cultural and political change stemming from the reemergence of Black Lives Matter demonstrations this summer has been extraordinary. George Floyd was just an eye-opening example of what black people in this world suffer. These dishonorable practices need to stop, and we must be civilized again.

Throughout communities across the country, portraits of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor are wheat-pasted on building walls. Signs that read black lives matter are posted in residential and storefront windows, and the words have been painted onto city streets. Statues that venerate racists, segregationists, and Confederates have come tumbling down. Brands and corporations have rushed to acknowledge systemic racism, ranging between strong and lukewarm commitments to addressing structural inequities. The Minneapolis City Council unanimously voted to dismantle its police department. And school districts in Oakland, California, and Madison, Wisconsin, announced plans to terminate their policy contracts. But as the end of summer approaches, will this transformative energy last or languish?

The multiculturalism movement has gone through many different stages, influenced by historical events. But multiculturalism, as many people think of it today, came about as a result of the post-civil rights era. This was when multiculturalism moved away from its original focus of ethnic minority rights and became integrated with various human rights campaigns. Disadvantaged groups – such as women, people with disabilities, people of different religions, languages, and social class – joined this struggle for equality against oppression.

As race issues became less important in the multicultural movement, equality for everyone became a more prominent theme. And this focus on equality and human rights for all meant that multiculturalism failed to achieve transformation for black people in particular. It’s crucial to appreciate that racism is so systemic that without people drawing attention to the deep-rooted and often invisible nature of the issue, it would be easy for many people to ignore. This is why the Black Lives Matter movement wants to confront and shake up the system and bring the plight of black people to the global consciousness.

Research has found that those most likely to be prejudiced against Black Lives Matter is white people with conservative views. This is maybe not totally surprising, but for there to be a real change for black people, it is vital that everyone is able to recognize the benefits of a more integrated society.

This is where teaching children a broader curriculum that includes black history would help. As would a focus on past and present campaigns for racial and social justice. Indeed, this would help students to appreciate links between global histories and those of their own communities. Because without Black Lives Matter, the promise of true multiculturalism will continue to remain something of a pipe-dream.

This collection focuses on reaffirming the uniqueness of the black community and strength against White Supremacists, the oneness throughout the world, and the importance of human life generally.


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