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The ubiquitous hormone black melanin may be the most important hormone in all of life and may even hold the key and possibility of humans understanding the origin of the universe. What may even be more confusing is that science as understood and, in some cases, somewhat poorly advocated by Europeans since the 1600s may not even be in a position to understand this potent hormone today. These two sentences may rile up some readers and provoke furious objections and raise immediate defensive antennas of suspicion, taking sides, provoke racial conspiracy theories, hostility, racial myths, superstitions, magic, witchcraft, unscientific or pseudoscience, internet hoax, racial domination.

Black melanin has been shrouded in racial controversy and dismissed as body waste and belonging to pseudoscience. It has numerous myths, but facts about it have hardly been properly explained. Black melanin is described, and its major functions, facts, and myths are explained in the context of the historical European racist ideology directed at Africans. The major functions and advantages for melanin for all humans are discussed, including the author’s views on the relationship between levels of black melanin in the human body and physio-social rhythmic movements in relation to dance, sports, sex, and even walking.
During this European excitement and newfound power and the process of establishing European empires around the globe as countless other empires had done before, something very unusual happened that had to have a profound effect on Europeans themselves and their victims; the Atlantic Slave Trade of over 12 million black Africans from West Africa from 1609 when the first slave ship arrived in Virginia from West Africa. Europeans developed the vicious and insidious ideology of racial inferiority of black Africans and the superiority of white Europeans. This racist ideology would probably be history today if all Europeans countries had abandoned it when Britain did from 1807 to 1835 when the Atlantic Slave Trade had been banned and in the United States in 1863 when President Lincoln issued the emancipation proclamation freeing all African American slaves.
What compounded the racist ideology Europeans directed at Africans was when Europeans colonized Africans, further entrenching the racial ideology to the rest of the world, which had either dark or non-white people. How is all of this related to the proper study of the ubiquitous hormone black melanin, which every human being has, and all creatures may have, including its prevalence in the universe? If Europeans were advancing the racial ideology belief that all black Africans are inferior and all whites or Europeans are superior during the last 400 years, and black melanin is associated with Africans, why should any European risk the study of the hormone, especially if it might have evidence that creates something positive in favor of Africans and people of African heritage? What if the evidence disproves black African inferiority or that we are all descendants of black Africans?
The resistance to exploring anything which has to do with Africans with any type of semblance of objectivity, seriousness, and candor is consistent with Bantu or Chewa African language aphorism: kamabalani kakhala pa uta sikapheka (if a bird sits on your bow, you yourself cannot kill it). This is may also be consistent with the law of cognitive dissonance as European and Western scientists may be unable or unwilling to investigate the topic of black melanin hormone for these historical, ideological reasons.


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