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Keep your head high and keep on fighting with your Nipsey Hussle Tribute T-shirt! 

Ermias Joseph Asghegom (alias Nipsey Hussle), Musician and Activist for Black People rights

Nipsey Hussle, or Ermias Joseph Asghedom, was a talented musician but also an important black activist from Los Angeles. While they probably don’t want us to know the real reasons why he was killed, we can still pay tribute to him out of respect of all the work he did to empower his community. He fought against gang violence that divides us in his neighbourhood while trying to educate and help the younger ones, and it is something we should all take example on! Keep on educating, helping our people and buying our hoods!

Be about the Nipsey Hussle state of mind, focusing on giving inspiration, opportunities and solutions to other people from the community around you, and pay tribute to his legacy with your Nipsey Hussle Tribute T-shirt. 

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The Marathon continues..........
My Nipsey Hussle T-Shirt was DOPE!!


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