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Fight for the true independence of Africa with your Patrice Lumumba T-shirt!

Patrice Emery Lumumba, independence leader and Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of Congo

Patrice Lumumba is a Congolese national hero and the one who led the nation to independence in 1960. Self-taught, he fought against the pillage of the natural resources of his country by the colonial power and against the years of repression and humiliation Congo had to bear. Uniting a whole nation behind him, he overthrew the Belgian domination and became the 1st Prime minister of independent Congo.

After a try by the United States, he was assassinated by the Belgium army, becoming another symbol of the occident’s fear of an educated and brilliant African leader.

Be inspired by the great deeds of Patrice Lumumba and don’t let his spirit be forgotten as the powerful colonial nations would have liked. Carry his legacy proudly with this Patrice Lumumba T-Shirt!

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Archie C.
Patrice Lumumba

I love my t-shirt, celebrating the country of my ancestors!


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